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Bring It!

I’m Sona Manukian and I created healthy by you to help women over 30 look and feel their absolute best!

Let’s face it, women are the most selfless people. We care about others before we care about our own health and wellbeing. Especially after 30 we are so concerned with making sure our kids eat healthy and exercise that we forget to take care of our own bodies. I remember having to balance my full time job with my family life and it felt almost impossible to find the time and energy to workout and eat right.

The worst part is after 30 it’s like everything stops working like it used to! I remember always being in shape, eating whatever I wanted, and never having to workout. But overnight it was like my body changed. My morning walks with my husband just didn’t cut it anymore and chocolate went straight to my hips!

I knew there had to be other women and mom’s like me who struggled after 30. That’s when I developed my Bring It! attitude. I decided I wasn’t going to let my age hold me back from looking amazing and I wasn’t going to let my busy day get in the way of me making healthy and delicious meals. I was going to Bring It! at 30.

I got in touch with my close friend and personal trainer, Oksana who developed a specific workout routine for me that worked around my busy schedule. I went through every “healthy” recipe of my favorite foods I could find on the internet made it better and tastier! I saw results immediately and after a few weeks of eating healthy and delicious meals and exercising, I actually had more energy to spend with my kids and put towards my work!

I felt amazing and knew I had to help other women just like me. So I created the 12 Week Home Exercise Program, made specifically to help women over 30 who don’t have the time to go to the gym. The Bring It! 30 program is beginner friendly and only takes 30 minutes a day, all in the comfort of your home!

Start today and find out how you can Bring It! after 30 and have the body you deserve!